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Fastpitch Instruction

35+ years of...

35+ years of...

PTR Certified
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Southern Chester County
Northern Delaware
Oxford , PA

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Instruction & Analysis

Batting Cage

Receive advanced instruction utilizing real time biofeedback via video and zepp technologies.
Rent just the cage.
  1. Video Cameras & Zepp
    Video Cameras & Zepp
    High speed SloMotion, High definition remote controlled cameras. Flat screen monitors. Zepp measures bat path, speed, hand speed. bat angle, impact point/angle.
  2. Training Aids
    Training Aids
    Training aids used to progress through the three dimensions are available: 1D: Tee & Zip Line. 2D: Zip line. 3D: Front toss nets and pitching machines.
  3. Pitching Machines
    Pitching Machines
    Spinball double wheel and Bata curve ball machines